Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Did You Get A Fake Naked Palette From Ebay?

If you've read a few of my past blog posts, you'll know that I was bidding on an Urban Decay Naked Palette on Ebay for 5 days. I was trying to save a few dollars, because this girl's bills are ridiculous. Well, after winning the auction, I started to wonder if I had gotten a Faked Palette instead. So, I started doing research, and to my surprise, the only video/blogpost I found out there comparing the real one to the fake, was this one:

After watching this, I started to get really worried. At first I thought that it was too early to have counterfeit Naked palettes floating around! Well, my suspicions were correct. The palette arrived, Posh pulled it out of the box, and said some bad WAS fake. If I hadn't seen that video, I might not have known it was fake. You see, all of the feedback from the seller was 100% positive and everyone raved over the Naked Palettes the seller had previously sold.
How did all of these girls not realize it was fake?! This is my intentions: to help those of you out there who have gotten a fake, and to warn those of you who are thinking about buying one on ebay.

I immediately put up a dispute in Pay Pa,l about receiving a counterfeit item, and good news: If you paid with Pay Pal, you have 45 days to make a claim after paying for your item. The seller and I argued for about 7 emails back and forth, and he finally issued me a refund. But he didn't even deny that it was counterfeit- he knew all along, and admitted to it. My seller's name was "Evergreen_Park" DO NOT buy from this seller as they are all counterfeit!
Tips to know if palette in the listing is fake:
-If it says, "Limited Edition," or "Special Edition," it is fake. UD has stated that this is a permanent palette in their collection.
-If it says, "Laheron Edition," it is fake. The "Laheron Edition" is SUPPOSEDLY made my UD, and it is the palette and brush combo, with no primer potion. UD DID NOT make this, it is a replica, that was not manufactured by UD. Also, if your palette does not come with Primer Potion-it is MOST LIKELY fake. UNLESS, it comes in a purple tray, which is how the real palette is packaged.
-UD did not manufacture a Naked Palette in a GOLD BOX. If yours came in a gold box, it is fake.
-The writing on the back on the real palette is a sticker, on the fake one it is printed on.

      Front of Fake Box
Back of fake box. Notice the Eyeliner swatches.
Eyeshadow Primer Potion, also not included in set.

Whiskey and Zero Swatches, which were not included in the palette.

Fake palette and box.

The brush compartment was already falling apart!

But How does it perform?!
Do you see that fallout? Any time I tried to use a brush with this- both the (fake) brush it came with, and my ELF Essentials Eyeshadow Brush, it made this little beads all over the surface. It's like you pick up the beads with the brush and flatten them out to get color pay off. I've never seen eyeshadow do this before, it's so weird!

The main differences in colors are: Half Baked is a champagne shade, Naked and Buck are so sheer, they're unusable, Creep is a little on the sheer side, and the light colors in general are sheer. With that being said, once you learn how to use the weird formula, the dark colors are somewhat decent.

When swatched with my fingertip, the eyeshadows did not bead up like they did with a brush. As you can see, the lighter colors are incredibly less pigmented than then darker colors. The fake "Smog" seems to be the most accurate in color and finish.

If you received one of these fake palettes, I hope this gives you the confidence to dispute and get your money back! No one deserves to be scammed into buying counterfeit items. I do not suggest you ordering one off of third party websites, as there are sites selling the Laheron version for $11.90. Both and are selling counterfeits. If you do not have a Sephora or Ulta near you, I highly recommend ordering from Sephora,Ulta, or Urban Decay. These palettes are not worth the money. I paid $35 with free shipping for mine, and I wouldn't pay $10 for the poor quality of these shadows.  You CAN get your money back, and you CAN report your item as counterfeit to Ebay.
Do not settle for a Faked Palette- these are not made in limited quantities.