Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Wet and Wild 8 Pan Eyeshadow Palette- Petal Pusher

I picked up two of these 8 pan eyeshadow palettes from Walgreens for $3 each on sale. These never interested me much in person, but after seeing so many online swatches, I really wanted these. I picked up Comfort Zone- which I actually enjoy a lot more than Petal Pusher. The pigmentation is better in Comfort Zone, and there is a lot less fall out.
I'll be talking about these in order from top left down, then top right down, numbered 1-8.
1- This is a shimmery white frost shade, with a pinkish purple duochrome. The duochrome is very slight, unless applied heavily. This shade isn't as chalky as I expected it to be, but it on the sheer side. It does make a nice browbone color though.
2- This is a shimmery light purple/lilac frost, with a metallic sheen. It's one of the least pigmented shades.

3- This is a shimmery plum shade, that's not as pigmented as it could be, for being a darker shade. This is the shade I was most disappointed in.
4- I'm not sure I would use this as a "definer" shade, as it's lighter than the crease shade, but this is a grape purple with a slight blue undertone. It has chunky silver glitter. This shade had some pretty bad fallout when I used it the first time. I tried it wet, and while the fall out was less, it was a little hard to blend. I think it needs some figuring out to use, but it's a nice shade.
I definitely prefer the right side of this palette though.
5- This is a fair pink shade that flashes a silvery white in the light. The texture of this shade is perfect. It's so smooth and buttery, and applies effortlessly. (This is the texture of the shades in the Comfort Zone palette.)
6- These next three shades are my favorites in the palette. This one may be my favorite shade. It looks more brown in my pictures, but it's like a mauve-y purple-y pink with  golden pink shimmer and glitter. It's so multi dimensional- this palette is worth $5 for the left side, for sure. This color would make a great lid color or crease color.
7- This shade has a blackened plum base, with purple, copper, and plum fine glitter. It is incredibly pigmented, and a little goes a long way.
8- This is a black with multi colored glitter.

So if you're not a fan of shimmer or glitter- this palette isn't for you, as there are no mattes.
Swatches 1-8. This palette isn't as pigmented as I was expecting- you can see how sheer the first three colors are.  After those three colors though, the pigmentation is great. I don't necessarily know how to work around the fall out that some of these shades had. It may be better to apply some of these with your fingers, and/or apply some wet. I probably would have liked this palette a lot more, if I didn't also purchase Comfort Zone- because that palette is perfection as far as pigmentation and blendability, with minimal fall out.
I can see myself getting a lot of use out of the right side of the palette though, so for that, it's definitely worth the price.
Do you own any of these 8 pan eyeshadow palettes?!
Wet and Wild is on sale BOGO 50% off until November 19th. PLUS at the cosmetics counter, they have a coupon for $1 off every Wet and Wild item you purchase over $1.99! That's how I got these for $3 each.


  1. Too bad the third one is not as pigmented as it can be. Because just looking at the pic of the palette, I was instantly gravitated toward this third purple color...

  2. @Hee103 It's not a bad color, I just expected it to be more pigmented! But for $3 a piece for two of these 8 pan palettes- it's not a bad deal at all!
    That's how much the 3 pan Wet and Wild eyeshadows retail for.
    There's also a blue toned palette-"Blue Had Me At Hello."
    But I think Comfort Zone would work for everyone.


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