Thursday, January 12, 2012

Urban Decay Naked Palette VS. Fake Naked Palette from Ebay

If you have been following my blog, you'll know I purchased an Urban Decay Naked Palette from Ebay that was counterfeit. I got my money back through PayPal, but kept the palette.
If you purchased a Naked Palette from Ebay and want to know if your palette is fake, 
I then received the real Urban Decay Naked Palette from my boyfriend for Christmas.
I have swatched the two of them, and are going to compare them. This will be pic heavy, because there are 12 shades. 
*The quality of the "Faked" palette is not that good. The brush is a different story, but the eyeshadows bead up when you try to apply them, but they are workable. They apply best with your finger tip or a sponge tip applicator. Whereas the Naked palette quality is great- those shadows can be applied with anything. Also, the Faked palette only contains shimmer- no glitter at all.
Top: Naked Palette, bottom: "Faked" Palette

Now for the swatches! For identification purposes, all shades will have (f) for Faked, and (n) for Naked. All are in the same order though, Faked on the left, Naked on the right.

This swatch is going to make it seem like the Faked Palette beats the Naked palette by far, but that is not the case. However, I honestly prefer Virgin from the Faked Palette.
Virgin (f)- Pearly white with beige, multicolor shimmer, almost metallic
Virgin (n)- beige white satin base with mulitcolor shimmer
Winner- Faked.

Sin (f), (n)
It looks like the Virgin swatch should belong to the same palette that the real Sin swatch would.
Sin (f)- Rose gold with pink, multicolor shimmer
Sin (n)- Metallic champagne pink
Winner: I LOVE the rose gold shade of the Faked Sin, but...
Winner- Naked.

Naked (f), (n)
They seem more similar in the swatch, but in real life, the faked shadow is hard, and doesn't have much color pay off.
Naked (f)- a taupey matte brown
Naked (n)- a taupey matte brown with red undertones
Because of the blendability and better color pay off...
Winner- Naked.

Sidecar (f), (n)
The Faked Sidecar actually blends really well, but it contains no glitter, like the real shade.
Sidecar(f)- A metallic taupe with a champagne tone
Sidecar (n)- A metallic taupe with red undertones and chunky silver glitter
The real decision comes for a winner comes down to if you like glitter or not, and well...
Winner- Naked (I love glitter!)

Buck (f), (n)
Yup, you're seeing this right, Buck is more pigmented in the fake palette, but the color is different.
Buck (f)- A medium reddish sheer matte brown
Buck (n)- a milky medium sheer matte brown
Honestly, I don't really care for matte shades, I never have, but for pigmentation levels...
Winner- Faked.

Half Baked (f) (n) [My personal favorite!!!]
These are very different, but both are lovely shades.
Half Baked (f)- This is a light golden shimmer, it makes a fantastic highlight.
Half Baked (n)- A super metallic coppery gold
Because gold is one of my favorite eyeshadow colors, and I like it bold...
Winner- Naked.

Smog (f), (n)
This is the best shade from the Faked Palette.
Both shades are equally pigmented and both blend well.
Smog (f)- A metallic bronze 
Smog (n)- A metallic bronze with a golden copper undertone
These are both awesome shades and look lovely with my eye color...
Winner- Tie!

Darkhorse (f), (n)
Two very different shades.
Darkhorse (f)- a metallic gray based dark brown
Darkhorse (n)- a metallic dark brown with micro glitter
Both of these are nice, but the faked Darkhorse tends to look muddy...
Winner- Naked.

Toasted (f), (n)
These are very, very similar.
Toasted (f)- A lavender toned medium pink shimmer
Toasted (n)- a champagne medium pink shimmer
Faked Toasted has more of a purple tone to it, while Naked Toasted has more pink...
Winner- Naked.

Hustle (f), (n)
Faked wins in pigmentation here.
Hustle (f)- A gray toned shimmery plummy brown
Hustle (n)- a shimmery sheer plummy brown
The pigmentation on the Faked Hustle wins, but it looks muddy on the lid...
Winner- Naked.

Creep (f), (n)
Faked Creep looks similar to Naked Gunmetal, although Faked Creep looks black in the pan.
Creep (f)- a metallic darkened gunmetal gray shade with shimmer
Creep (n)- a satin black with mulitcolor shimmer
Because I like my crease color very dark...
Winner- Naked.

Lastly, Gunmetal (f), (n)
These are very similar, both have a denim blue undertone.
Gunmetal (f)- a metallic gunmetal gray
Gunmetal (n)- a metallic gunmetal gray with silver microglitter
Because I love glitter, and because this one blends better even with glitter...
Winner- Naked.

So, to tally things up: Faked: 2; Naked: 9; Tie: 1.
The winning bid for my Faked palette was $35, whereas the the Naked Palette was $48. 
(I actually paid $46.12 with a coupon)

Overall, the Faked palette isn't bad exactly, but the Naked palette far exceeds it. Though I with the real Virgin was as great as the fake one!


  1. Great review!!
    I didn't know there are fake Naked Pallet in eBay.

  2. I didn't know there was a fake! Great review.

  3. This was very interesting, I never realized there were fake Naked Palettes.

  4. I've ended up with a fake one. Think I'll be getting that refunded!!

  5. Oh no Shazbo! If you paid with Paypal, you have 90 days after your purchase date to open up a dispute.
    Feel free to email me if you have any questions about how to get a refund.

  6. amazing analysis of the two palettes. so detailed and descriptive and non biased . When one is seething with rage because one has been duped, it is difficult to judge the dupe product with any compassion . You have given the " devil" his due ( the faked palette that is !!!! Very informative review and makes the quality oriented consumer reach out for the real stuff. There are many that want the palette but dont want to pay a lot. They can of course go to sites and buy it for 15 or 16 bucks ( with shipping) if they are interested . This review of yours prevented me from buying a fake palette on ebay thinking it to be real. thanks so much. i appreciate the time , effort and sincerity you put into this . You definitely wanted the public by and large to benefit .

    1. Thank you so much for your positive comment! you're exactly right.
      Im glad people are becoming aware of fakes and that Im helping in my corner of the beauty blogging world!
      Thanks for checking out my blog! :)


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