Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Why I use Q-Tips instead of Eyeshadow brushes.

I've bought more than one set of makeup brushes in the past, but I always seems to abandon the eyeshadow brushes. I just prefer Q-Tips.
-Better color pay off. You don't have to use as much product to get the color pay off you're looking for.
-Waste less product. You don't waste a bunch of product, lost in between the brush bristles.
-Less washing time. You don't have to wash your eyeshadow brushes as often. I like to use different colors daily, and more than one color at a time. This means I can just throw away the Q-Tip and I'm on to the next color instantly.
-Switching colors is a breeze. No weird purples thrown into your whites. You have a clean canvas every time to start applying color.
-They're cheap! You can buy a box of 150 Q-Tips at any dollar store for $1.  Recently, I've been buying some offbrand Q-Tips from Wal Mart that come in a plastic container, so they're kept clean and in one place.
-They're versatile. You can also use them to remove excess nail polish from your cuticles; clean your ears (duh!), get the yucky "sleepies" out of your eyes when you wake up; use them to stop a small cut from bleeding, etc, etc.

Some tips you may not know:
-Use the Q-tip to blend your eyeshadows like you would with a brush. The fluffliness mimics a brush and is great for blending.  Since it is a small shape, you can even use it to blend in your crease.
-Wet the Q-Tip to intensify your eyeshadow shades.
-Peel off all the cotton to leave a small stick covered in cotton. You can use this small cotton-coated point to line your eyes, top and bottom, with shadow. The thin point left is thin enough to make lines.
-If you make any mistakes in your eyeshadow, use a wet Q-Tip to remove the mistakes.
-You can also use a wet Q-Tip to erase any mascara you might accidentally smudge in your lash line.
-You can use a dry Q-Tip to smudge eyeliner into your lash line to make the line less harsh.
-Use the Q-Tip (wet or dry) to erase any eyeshadow that may have falled onto your lower eyelids on accident.

Have you ever tried any of these methods before? Feel free to share your favorite use for Q-Tips in the comment section. They're a lot cheaper than eyeshadow brushes and you can get many uses out of them.
Enjoy! <3
P.S. Shout out to my newest follower- Amanda. :)


  1. I have never done any of this before. wowww!! I actually have used them before though to put small amounts of liquid make up remover on and then I was able to make a more distinct line around my eyeshadow if it was messy around the edges or had spread around, or i had gotten the shadow/liner on the sides of my hand and transferred it to another part of my face.

  2. Something I didn't mention, and it might sound weird..
    but... if I want to pack eyeshadow all over my lid with a Q-Tip, sometimes I'll bite down on the Q-Tip (not letting my tongue touch it) to flatten it out, so I can be more precise.


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