Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Wet and Wild 8 pan Eyeshadow Palette- Comfort Zone

Can I start out by saying, if you don't own this yet- you need it!
It's so versatile and was a great addition to my eyeshadow collection.
I got this on sale for $3-regularly $5 at Walgreens. Wet and Wild is still on sale BOGO 50% off, plus $1 off any item over $1.99, until November 19th.
I kept seeing gurus and girls on blogs rave about this palette, but in person it didn't interest me at all...until I saw swatches online. Why didn't I get this sooner?!
This has the best pigmentation, blendability, minimal fall out, buttery smooth texture- are you getting my point?! Plus you get 8 full size eyeshadows for $5.
I'll be referring to these from top left down, and top right down, numbered 1-8.
I also picked up the Petal Pusher palette, and it doesn't compare to this one. 
I only loved the left side of that palette, but I love all of this palette!
1- This is my ideal browbone color: a yellow based cream. However this one was on the frosty side, to where it kind of emphasized any fine lines I might have under my brow bone. Applied lightly though, this isn't an issue at all.  This makes a great inner eye color- it really glows.
2- This has to be a dupe for an Urban Decay shadow! I swear I've seen this before. It's a light peachy copper. It is SO pigmented and smooth! This color would look good on every skintone.
3- I think the first two shades, along with the third one, makes the warmer counterpart to the Wet and Wild Color Icon Trio Sweet As Candy. It makes a great shimmery neutral eye look. This color, I feel like is an UD dupe also. Smog, perhaps?It's a warm shimmery bronze shade, that is very pigmented.
4- This shade is also in the Wet and Wild Color Icon Trio I'm Getting Sunburned.  This shade in my trio busted, and stained a chair, a blanket, and my carpet- that's how pigmented this is. This is one of those shades where you tap the brush ever-so-gently and you have enough shadow to cover your whole lid. It's a dark, smoky, plum/reddish brown. It's similar to a shade in the Petal Pusher palette, but it's not as purple as that one. Apparently this is dupe to MAC Beauty Marked.
5- This is an unexpected favorite of mine. I normally don't love shades like this, but this one is done so well! It's a green tinged silver. It's so pigmented and smooth. It has such a beautiful sheen to it, and is really complex. I don't think I'd wear this on my brow bone, but I would for sure wear it all over the lid.
6- This is such a pretty shimmery sage green with golden undertones. Again- applies effortlessly and is amazingly pigmented.
7- Again, another unexpected favorite! I don't usually go for green eyeshadow- which I think is why I kept putting off buying this palette. But these greens are so gorgeous! They don't scream green- they're like neutral greens. This color is like a muddy olive green with lighter green shimmer. This makes such a great crease color, it's not even funny. So pigmented, blends well- amazing. It reminds me of city lights glowing in the reflection of swamp water- if that makes any sense.
8- This is one of the most unique shade in the palette. It's a reddish brown base that flashes a teal duochrome that glows when the light hits it. It's so amazing. Apparently it's a dupe for MAC Club. (I say apparently, because this is what I've heard online- I don't own any MAC myself.) I wore this as an all over lid color yesterday and boyfriend said it was really cool.
( I paired it with #7 in the crease, and # 1 as my highlight.)

If you don't love glitter or shimmer- this palette isn't for you, as it doesn't contain any mattes.
I have to say though, this may be one of the best drugstore palettes available, as far as quality, price, blendability, unique shade selection, and completely wearable neutrals.
I highly recommend this palette.
I had to use multiple swipes for the swatches on Petal Pusher's review- but each of these swatches are only ONE swipe. I hope you get just how pigmented these actually are!
There isn't one shade in this palette that I dislike. They are all amazing. Do you see that duochrome on the last shade?! So awesome! I am in love with this palette and am so glad I finally purchased it.
It's much more amazing swatched, then it looks in the pan.


  1. Wow!!
    They are pigmented!!!
    I will check it out at a drugstore :)

  2. The last shade does look like MAC's Club, I have got to get this palette!


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