Thursday, December 1, 2011

Walgreens Rants & Raves

I went to Kmart today in search of the new Essie Collection, and/or the new Revlon nail polish collection (with the renamed Facets of Fuchsia), and in search of a Christmas gift for a friend.
Well, I left Kmart empty handed.
Then I went to CVS, because I remembered I had seen the new Revlon Lip Butters there, and was going to pick one up as part of the gift...The display and everything was gone!
Disappointed, I was going to just head home, but  needed gas- on the way toward the gas station, I happened to be passing Walgreens, so I decided to stop in there quickly.
I walk in the door, and the first thing that greets me is the Wet and Wild Ice Baby Collection.
Better late then never, right?!
I wanted "Diamond In The Rough" SOOO badly- I was even considering buying the Sally Hansen Gem Crush dupe or China Glaze Some Like It Haute- but both of those are close to $7 where I live, so I had a heart attack when I saw the display! I got it for $3!
Right next to the Ice Baby display, is the new Revlon Colorburst lipglosses and the new Revlon holiday polishes. OMG. Those lipglosses are so beautiful! (I didn't get any though.)
THEN directly underneath those displays was the Revlon Expressionists Collection...Again, better late than never, huh?!
I've really been wanting Starry Pink, but I knew they displays were all gone by now. (I guess not!) I already have Blue Mosaic. So I picked up Facets of Fuchsia and Starry Pink.
Then I turn the corner, and whaddyah know, the new Essie Collection on the bottom shelf.
I sank to the floor and my heart dropped! This makeup shopping is really some kind of drug.
All of the new Essie collection in all of it's glory!
I probably should mention I only had $22 on me, so, I didn't get "Shine of The Times" though I want it very badly- there were 4 of them there, so I might go back for one.
THEN I see the Wet and Wild Baked Eyeshadow palettes and the I<3Matte palette.
AGAIN- Better late then never! Were they hoarding all of this stuff in the back, or am I am so far in the middle of nowhere, that it took ages to get these to my Walgreens?
THEN I see the new Revlon nail polish collection with the renamed Facets of Fuchsia-"Scandalous" and at this point, I felt like passing out! haha. How does limited edition makeup do this? I wish I knew.
Oh wait- what's this? Revlon is BOGO 50% off. ARE YOU SERIOUS? I was jumping for joy.
There wasn't anybody at the Cosmetics Counter- (I've been applying for that job for months, HIRE ME! HIRE ME!) so I went to the regular counter and asked if she could tell me if these polishes were BOGO 50% because they're limited edition. They did ring up 50% off, but they rung up as $5.49 each, when the sign said $4.99...what?
So I said something, and she called the cosmetics girl to her counter and brought me over to her. THREE cosmetics girls showed up- I guess that's why they haven't given me a call at all!
And I explained blah blah that they rung up differently then the sign.
So the manager said WELL take the sign down, because they're $5.49-(we're talking about Facets of Fuschia at this point.)
And I said, well that's weird because I've bought one from that display (from a different Walgreens) before and it was $4.99. (Blue Mosaic) and she said well then the price went up. (Even though the sign clearly said $4.99)
And I said...buttt...umm...they re-released this under a different name in the permanent collection, and you have it sitting over here for $4.99.
All three cosmetics girls had no idea that a. Scandalous is now Facets of Fucshia, B. That it was re-released, or c. had any idea what the Expressionists Collection was.
C'mon, PEOPLE!
So needless to say, they all stared at my like I had ten heads, and was wondering how in the world I knew this, and I'm screaming in my head, HIRE ME HIRE ME!
So, I got both Facets of Fuschia for $4.99, BOGO 50% off, and Wet and Wild Diamond in The Rough.

I know this was a long, ranting post, but I feel like I had to tell someone about my experience, and the beauty bloggers are the only ones that really understand knowing every drugstore collection before it comes out, checking every drugstore for new collections, that rush when you FIND the collection you've been looking for, and the never ending cycle of wanting to buy makeup. Honestly, I WANTED the girl behind the counter to say, "Yeah? Well did you know that Facets of Fuschia is a "Bad Romance" Dupe?" ...but she didn't...she had no idea.

I didn't come across any Revlon Lip Butters, nor did I get a gift for my friend, but I did find some exciting things that after thinking about, I can go back and get for her. I was in no condition to make rational decisions after seeing all of those limited edition displays.
I think at this point I need makeup rehab.


  1. Well if you go to rehab I will be the one sneaking on beauty products. Also bring list and reviews of new product. Feeding your addicition in a bad way. Haha.

  2. @Quitabelle You can sneak me some nail polish in the pocket of pants, and inside shoes! haha.
    I don't know how makeup gets to be so addicting, but I'm so glad I'm not the only one addicted to it!


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