Friday, December 16, 2011

Blog Giveaway Winner!

I used True Random Number Generator to pick the winner for my giveaway. I put all of the entries in a spreadsheet. The first person that entered, had two entries, so her numbers were 1 and 2. I did this for all of the entries. I took a screen shot of the random generator's choice, and a screen shot of the spreadsheet I used. I strategically placed masquerade masks to conceal the last names...DRUM ROLLLL PLEASEEEE! The winner is Samantha C.!
I already contacted Samantha, and she replied right away!
Funny thing though, I chose two numbers. One for the winner, and one as a back up in case the winner didn't respond by Tuesday. The numbers picked were 18 and 21...and somehow, they were both Sam's entries! (Unfortunately, my computer froze and I didn't get a screen grab of "21", because it refreshed and changed the number!) Sam is getting the Color Club Beyond The Mistletoe Holiday Glitters Set! Merry Christmas Sam!  Samantha has recently started a blog, you can check it out Here.

Congrats, Samantha!

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