Monday, December 26, 2011

Mentos Gum: Worth risking losing a limb for?

What's Your Mentos Pure Fresh Moment?

Asking your guy to find something in your purse, is like asking him to take out the trash. Men always think of a woman's purse as a big, black hole. Many times, I'll say, "Hey, Babe, can you look in my purse for my keys," and my boyfriend will reply, "Can't find them!"
So then I come into the room, look in my purse, and they're sitting right on top of everything.
Did he not see them, or was he just scared of losing his arm in my black-hole-of-a-purse?
This happens often. Things go missing in my purse often.
I received Mentos Pure Fresh Gum in my Influenster Holiday Vox Box, when I opened the box, I gave my boyfriend a piece of the gum. Then I hurried off to work, and threw it in my purse.

The next day, we went to the bank, and I left my purse in the car. When I came out of the bank, I see my boyfriend's arm shoving something in the "big, scary black hole," and as I get closer to the car, I realize he's chewing gum.
He faced the scary beast searching in a woman's bottomless purse to find the Mentos Pure Fresh gum- but of course didn't want me to know that the contents of the purse won't harm him, and are in fact, easier to find then he may have previously thought.

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* I received Mentos Pure Fresh Gum in the Fresh Mint flavor from Influenster for review purposes.
My Mentos Pure Fresh Moment blog post is an entry to a contest held by Influenster.
What's your mentos moment?

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