Thursday, January 5, 2012

Vote for Lash Girl for The Next Rimmel 10!

I met the adorable Lash Girl through the ELF Cosmetics Facebook page. 
Check our her cute blog right on over Here.
You can also find her on Facebook Here, and on Youtube Here.

Lash Girl is the greatest- and let me tell you why!

Lash Girl posted a giveaway for the Jemma Kid Hydrating Gloss Stick, and I entered on Youtube..but I have two Youtube Channels- one I've had for probably 5 years now, and one I just started- (the older one, I use for personal things, and the second one for beauty related things.)
Well, my youtube just randomly logs me in sometimes, without me choosing which one I'm logging in to. I didn't know, but I was commenting on Lash Girl's video with my old account- which is tied to my old email that I NEVER check. (That's also my "spam" email account now!)
So I happened to check my old email- 2 months after entering Lash Girls' giveaway, and discovered she sent me an email saying I won her giveaway and wanted my shipping info.
I emailed her back, apologizing over and over, and she said she had saved it for me!
I was ecstatic! I STILL haven't blogged about the goodies she sent me, but I use that gloss stick all the time- It smells like chocolate! 
(I have swatched and taken photos on 3 different occasions and still haven't gotten around to posting it...)

But anyway, my point is that Lash Girl made it into the final 20 for the Next Rimmel 10 girls!

So vote for Sarah H. -she's so sweet! :)

Good Luck, Lash Girl! :)

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  1. This is terribly, awfully, sweet of you! lol
    How awesome that was able to make an impression on you- I am so appreciative of your support. Really, very cool!


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