Saturday, January 28, 2012

10 Topics and a Blogger Face Lift.

I've been working on updating my blog layout, but I don't know as much as I would like to know about web design. So please have patience with me while I'm trying to do some redesigning!
I'm hoping one of my friends will help me out with some ideas I have in my head, but we'll see how that goes!

I love to read your comments, and I love interacting with everyone, so I am going to list 10 random topics that I would love to talk about with everyone.

1. Since I've had the Urban Decay Naked Palette, I haven't found anything that works as a base to keep it from not creasing on me- even Urban Decay Primer Potion isn't working. I've never had this problem with any other eyeshadows, ever! What gives? Got any suggestions? Is this happening to anyone else out there?

2. I repurchased a deodorant yesterday for the third time. I never repurchase things over and over again. Somehow, I feel accomplished. In case anyone is wondering, it's Secret Scent Expressions in the scent, "Truth or Pear." We call my dog, "Pear" a lot (Her name's 'Paris') so I thought the name was cute. I love this deodorant though because it has 19% of the active ingredient that blocks sweat. (Aluminum Zirconium fancy schmancy lol) What's your favorite deodorant? Have you ever repurchased something more than three times?

3. I completely reorganized my makeup set up today. I just wasn't feeling my set up anymore. But I wish I had a vanity.  I put some dry rice in my brush holder to stick my brushes in, and I stuck all of my pencil eyeliners in there too.

4. I went to Wal Mart yesterday, and looked around in the makeup section- I'm on a no buy at the moment though- and they had Lip Butters in the permanent Revlon section. I'm so glad these are a permanent item. Is anyone still having a hard time finding these? There was a very limited selection though.

5. I'm starting a new job on Tuesday, and I'm really excited! It's always so strange starting a new job though, so I'm a little nervous, but excited.

6. I've never been able to keep my nail polish on for longer than 3 days without it chipping very obviously. I finally found a product that keeps my nail polish on. AND I've been able to wear my manicures for a full week. I could probably keep my polish on longer than that, but I get bored with my mani's easily. Orly Bonder Basecoat is the best thing that's ever happened to my nails.

7. I have always preferred liquid foundation, but lately I've come to love mineral foundation. I have about 12 sample packs of mineral foundation of, and I am in LOVE with the semi-matte formula- I may even prefer it to my liquid foundation now. When I start my new job and have some extra money, I can't wait to place an everyday minerals order.

8. Have you seen the new Loreal Ever Creme Sulfate Free Cleansing Conditioner? I really want to try that- it's like the same idea of WEN. I'm so buying this when I finish up my shampoo and conditioner.

9. Another thing I seriously can't wait to try is the new Garnier BB Cream. Has anyone tried it?

10. I'm absolutely in love with Milani Liquif'eye Metallic Eye pencil in Black. I may never buy a different black eye liner ever again. It's amazing. I honestly prefer it over Urban Decay 24/7 liner in Zero. Have you tried it?

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