Wednesday, January 25, 2012

ELF Essentials Healthy Glow Bronzing Powder in Sun Kissed Review

This review is for a product that I am in LOVE with- let's just get that thought out in the open. lol
You can purchase this from ELF's website, find it in Target, or even Kmart, 
and get this: it retails for $1.
This is one of those insanely versatile products that you can use in many different ways.

My favorite thing about this product is that it has a very warm golden shimmer, but it has a rose gold type of undertone to it.
The powder is very soft and blends very easily, it's not chalky at all.
I think this has to be the most versatile product in my collection, and it's only $1.
Left: a very well loved pan, right: a new one in the packaging
I completely used up one, and am now on my second one.

Swatch: a beautiful bronze with a rose gold tone and gold shimmer.
This doesn't have shimmer particles, it's like a metallic type all over shimmer, if that makes sense. lol
Like how a shimmery eyeshadow doesn't have shimmery particles, but it's a shimmery shade? lol

What I use this for:
- This works amazingly to warm up your face. I apply it around the outer edges of my face and it makes me look beautifully tan and glowing.
- It makes a beautiful bronze blush shade
- It applies so smoothly, and makes a great eyeshadow
- This works very well for a lip color too! I just use my finger to apply it on my lips, and add a clear gloss over it.
- I use this with a kabuki brush to blend foundation down my neck, that is too dark.
- I like to use this on my decolletage area, and my shoulders for subtle shimmer.

This bronzer leaves my face glowing better than any other product I've tried. I really love this.

And at $1, it's something I can see myself repurchasing over and over again.

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