Monday, January 9, 2012

My Nail Polish Rack and Nail Polish Collection

One of my Christmas presents from my boyfriend, was a nail polish rack, he made himself! We purchased foam board from Wal Mart and made put it together with a trusty hot glue gun. He spray painted stencils on the board, but you couldn't see much of it after the polishes got put on.

Aaaaaand here's my polish collection! I took this with my cell phone, so the quality is kind of crappy!
Row 1: Base coats, top coats and treatments.
Row 2: Sinful Colors
Row 3: Revlon, Revlon Top Speed, Revlon Scented, and Color Club
Row 4: Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear, OPI
Row 5: LA Colors, Orly, Milani
Row 6: Wet N Wild Wild Shine, Wet N Wild Fast Dry, CQ
Row 7: Random polishes that I only have one of

I am so excited to have this! Before, I stored my polishes in a tupperware container, then a cardboard box. Now I can see all of my polishes at once, and I can see how much is left in the bottle, since the polish levels out when standing upright.

I thought I'd have more room for expansion though! The foam board was about $3/ sheet, and we used 2 sheets, but purchased 3. Very inexpensive! I got the idea from YouTube tutorials, so be sure to search for "home made polish rack foam board" (for example) if you're interested in creating one your self!

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