Sunday, October 23, 2011


Happy Sundog!
Today I'm volunteering at an event called "Oktober Pets," and there are going to be lots of dogs dressed in costumes- how cute!
Guess what?! My boyfriend found our camera charger yesterday!
...which is a very good thing because I have so many products to review and show you, that I'm going to be blog-overwhelmed for weeks!
Aaaand this girl is going to be the proud owner of a UD Naked Palette this week!
I've been bidding on 8 different palettes on Ebay for the past 6 days.
I don't have a Sephora or ulta near me, and I wanted to see if I could get it cheaper than $48.
Aaaaand I did! The auction ended last night around 1 am and I got a naked palette for $35 with free expedited shipping.
Good things come to those who wait, I suppose!
The only thing, is it doesn't come with a UDPP, but that is more than fine with me, because my $1 ELF eyelid primers and I, have a pretty good somethin' somethin' going on.
I am so excited to be getting highly pigmented, super shimmery neutrals, because the sheer wannabe neutrals I own, are just not cutting it for me.
I could do bright, neon eyes for years with the eyeshadow I have, but my neutrals collection is seriously lacking.
This is my first high end makeup purchase- high end newb here!
It should be here Thursday or Friday! yayyy.

Another thing- I signed up for about a month or two ago, filled out some of their "badges" and I got offered a FREE Cosmo Vox Box to review for October. So that got shipped out on Friday and should be here soon.
I also won a Giveaway, and I'll post all of the info about that when I get the camera battery charged and have some time off of work.

Have a good day, everyone!
P.S. Only 6 more followers until I host my own giveaway!