Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Hair Extensions!

If you've seen how often my hair style changes, you would know I love hair extensions, and love doing them myself.
So when I got asked if I would feature on my blog, I said heck yes!
Now, I am not getting paid to do so. BUT they have put my blog link on their website!
I have not tried their hair extensions, but they do carry some popular brands, and carry the accessories and tools for hair extensions, as well as good quality human hair.
So if you're ever in the market to buy hair extensions, check out their link, it'll be permanently above my "Blog Roll," which is on the side bar to the right, and it will be visible on all of my posts and my home page.
While based in the UK, they do ship internationally, so don't let that stop you from checking out their page.

I'm most interested in trying their pre bonded curly hair! Could you see me rocking that?!

Peace, love, and hair extensions!