Monday, October 17, 2011

Jessie's Girl Confetti layered over black

I showed you this manicure in my last post, but it was such an awkward picture, I decided to snap a few new pics today in various lighting.
I have never tried anything from Jessie's Girl before, and I've never even been in my Rite Aid.
I've heard this polish is a dupe for Sally Hansen DVD from the HD line, but half the price. Don't quote me on that though! lol
I used one coat of the amazingly opaque Wet and Wild Mega Shine Black Creme. Then 2 coats of Confetti. My thumb got 3 coats though.
Hopefully you get the point of how seriously gorgeous this purple/blue duochrome really is! And such a steal for $2.99!!

I'm doing this blog post a la mobile phone. :) Lol I'm riding an hour away with my boyfriend and a friend to go look at a motorcycle..I wish we would have left earlier so I could go to the mall, but it's whatevs, 'cause this chica is broke!

So unfortunately, if you're interested in Posh's Pick today, you'll have to Google it to listen. Today's pick: Dear Maria, Count Me In by All Time Low.
I've been listening to this amazing band since 2005. They're my favorite freaking band for a million reasons. If given the chance, I won't shut up about them.
The reason that's today's song, is because the singer wrote it about a girl named Maria that he was friends with, but lost touch with. He ran into her one day and asked her what she'd been up to, and she replied that she's been working as a stripper. He decided to write a song about it! Haha. I recently had the same thing happen to
me- I guess there's strippers in every town, right?
If you Google the song, be sure to check out the music video!
Motorcycles and mobile blogging,
- Posh
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