Saturday, October 15, 2011

Manicures and Music

I've been wanting to do this for awhile, but always seem to forget.
If I could describe 3 things that I absolutely love, they would be: animals, music, and makeup.

I've been meaning to incorporate my music love into my blog, but it always slips my mind.
I'm not sure how often I'll be doing this, but I would like to do it with every post.
I'm going to feature a song and provide a link- a song that's an old favorite of mine, something I've been loving recently, or something with a strong memory.

First though, two manicures I've done and haven't posted yet.
I had such a hard time capturing this with my cell phone camera! It didn't want to pick up the glitter! I used:
1 coat Nail Life Gripper Base Coat
1 coat OPI Spark De Triomphe
3 coats Confetti Tazmanian Devil
1 coat INM Out The Door Fast Dry Topcoat

I got a lot of compliments on this at work, and outside in the sun, it glowed! The flat hex glitter had such a shiny reflection- it was amazing. However the wear time was awful! I wore it for 3 days, and had to touch it up every day, as I got huge chips in it. I'm thinking next time I try this, I'll use a solid color base coat, and maybe it will stay longer. I wasn't going to get OPI Muppets Collection Rainbow Connection, because I felt Tazmanian Devil was "close enough." But after the awful wear time for this, I think I'm going to get Rainbow Connection anyway.

The second manicure, I wore to my boyfriend's cousin's baby shower today. She's having a little girl, whom she's naming Kaydence Stacey, so I figured I'd go with the prettiest girly pink I have.
Okay so the photo got a little blurry- but that's what happens when your camera charger runs away with spoon. I used:
1 coat Nail Life Gripper Base Coat
2 coats Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Bubblegum Pink
1 coat OPI White Shatter
1 coat Wet and Wild Fast Dry Hannah Pinktana
1 coat INM Out The Door Fast Dry Top Coat

You can barely see the holo glitter that Hannah Pinktana left behind, but I loved the way it made the white blend in with the base color.

Are you ready for Posh's Pick of the day?

I listen to a wide variety of music, so I'll start out with easy listening, because sometimes my music choices go hard. :)

I first heard of Lights when a friend of mine was going on and on about how he wanted to marry her. For my Canadian followers- she's from Canada!
She just released her new album this month, and I'm loving it!
I adore Lights, but my boyfriend and I tend to only listen to her songs during the winter- it just goes well with fuzzy blankets and cold air.

Here's a song from her new album "Siberia," called "Where The Fence Is Low"
And just because, here's a picture of when I met her at Warped Tour 2009.
That reflection on my sunglasses drives me crazy, but I was never able to edit it out of the photo!

Hope you enjoy this post!
P.S. I've been very busy this past month, and it's only going to get worse into the holidays! I hope you don't mind these long posts, because I always have a lot to say! :)