Saturday, October 8, 2011

New things.

So I've wanted to show you guys the new makeup products I've purchased lately, but once again, camera charger is still MIA.
So I'll show what I've taken on my cell phone camera.

I recently opened a new mascara I had in my stash: ELF Studio Mineral Infused Mascara. Maybe it needs some aging time, but I really didn't care for this. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't lengthening enough for me.
So on a budget, I checked out the NYC line at Wal Mart, and picked up NYC Sky Rise Lengthening Mascara in Extreme Black. This retails for $1.72.
Well long story short, it makes my lashes look like false lashes. I love it! Check it out! (Along with my EOTD today! lol)
This is the first time I used it.

I haven't blogged about this, but I have absolutely been loving Rimmel Clean Finish Foundation. I've gone through two bottles of Soft Beige, but recently my neck has been looking lighter than my face. I think my face is lightening up since I've been wearing SPF 30 sunscreen under my foundation every day.
So I picked up a bottle of the lighter foundation shade. (I'm wearing it in both pics above.) It doesn't look like it matches my skin when I put it on my face, but once blended it actually works really well and my neck matches every time!
                                       Left to Right: Soft Beige, Warm Ivory Rimmel Clean Finish Foundation.
                                            For reference purposes, I'm either MAC NC20 or NC25.

And now I'd like to take the time to rave about my all time favorite concealer. I did a review on it a long time ago, but I've almost completely finished mine, and bought a second one.
It's LA Colors Mystic Concealer/Foundation Stick. My shade is Beige. I purchased this at Dollar General on a whim one day for $1.50. It's seriously pigmented. AMAZING.
I love this stuff. I was going to buy two, but they only had one left in my shade.
This is what the packaging looks like, do you see how much product? This lasted me about 10 months of mostly every day use.

The best thing about this is can double as a foundation. And I'm not kidding! Blended swatch on left, full swatch on right. When I'm in a hurry and need to apply makeup and get out the door as fast as possible, I use this as a full coverage foundation, add blush and mascara-and sorry for the language, but otherwise known as "Fuck Out The Door" instead of Face Of The Day.

I highly recommend this products!
The best part though, is their prices:
Rimmel Clean Finish Foundation: $4 at Wal Mart
LA Colors Mystic Concealer/Foundation Stick: $1.50 at Dollar General
NYC Sky Rise Lengthening Mascara: $1.72 at Wal Mart
Have you found any super cheap items that work amazingly well?
  I'm so in love with this concealer and foundation!

Also, since this is "new things," I got a "new" hair color:

  This is the second time I've had black hair during the colder months. I was ready to get rid of my roots,  since my hair is naturally super dark brown.