Tuesday, August 30, 2011

My ELF Haul

I ordered my biggest ELF order as a birthday present for myself, with some birthday money I had gotten.

Here's what I got:
And Close up shots:
And everything except my back ups unopened:

AND I paid for 3 day shipping, and even though it got delayed by the hurricane, it arrived on my birthday!
See my cat in the lower left corner checking things out?! hehe.
I used a 50% off studio code, and saved $44.50! woohoo!

Do you guys have any of these items? Have any questions about anything, feel free to ask!


  1. Holy S%^*!!!!
    You ordered soo much stuff.lol

  2. I love the Studio Powder brush! It applies liquid foundation beautifully, and it's only $3! Mine hasn't shedded any hairs which I think is remarkable considering I have way more expensive brushes that shed like crazy. I also love using the side of it to get super chiseled cheekbones! How do you like the elf blushes? I haven't tried any yet but they look really pretty!


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