Thursday, August 25, 2011

My Makeup Storage!

I'm aware this is going to change (rather drastically) once my latest ELF order gets here, but as of right now, this is how I store my makeup collection.
I do keep all of my open lipglosses in a cosmetics case in my purse (along with a few lipsticks.)
I also have an ELF stash of unopened items and back ups, randomly throughout my room.

On top of my Sterilite container, I have a makeup brush holder, which has 3 categories: face brushes, lip stains/eyeliner pens, and eye brushes. I also have face sunscreen, Qtips, baby wipes, hand sanitizer, and a lamp.

Second drawer:
Top left: Empty cosmetic containers/bottles, nail polish remover, acne wipes.
Top Middle: Face Moisturizers, eye creams, nail file, ELF eyelashes. 
Top Right: In Zip pouch: ELF Zit Zapper, Blackhead pusher, tweezers.
Bottom Left: Palettes and ELF Studio Brush set bag.
Bottom Right: Primers, Concealers, Eyelid Primers, ELF All Over Color/Cover Sticks, cream highlighters.

Top Left: ELF Studio Blushes
Top Right: All over brand blushes, all of my bronzers.
Bottom Left: All face powders, loose and pressed.
Bottom Right: Liquid Foundations/tinted moisturizer.

Top Left: Lipglosses/chapsticks I don't use often.
Top Green Container: Mascaras.
Middle Green Container: Eyeliners and ELF Studio Brow Kit
Bottom Green Container: Lipsticks/non pen type lipstains
Bottom cardboard container: all eyeshadow singles, duos, trios, quads, etc.

I got the small green containers and pink containers at The Dollar Tree! This was all very cheap and easy to do! The brushes holder came from Wal Mart, cost $5, and is actually a pen/pencil holder. 
Feel free to ask my opinion of any product you see.
Enjoy! :)

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