Thursday, August 11, 2011

Nail Polish Remover Pads

I recently started using ELF's nail polish remover pads, and I've been hooked on them!
I picked one up in an ELF order I purchased from, and wasn't expecting much. I threw them in my purse to use for on to go removal, because I tend to pick at chipping polish, and then it looks soooo bad. Plus, a lot of people see my hands at my work.
So, after picking at my polish for a few hours one day, I remembered my ELF pads- and bam! they worked so well I was hooked!
They do feel dry at first, but once the pad gets warmed up from the friction going over your nails, it releases an oil, which removes the polish.
For darker polishes or glitter polishes, you do need 2-4 pads for all 10 fingers, but with a simple polish color, I was able to use 1 pad for all 10 fingers.
I was at Target, and picked up 3 more of these! (They're $1/piece, and you get 18 pads.)
These also work really well for your toes.
I'm convinced after using these that I like it so much better than regular polish remover.
Here's why:
*I never know what to use with nail polish remover- cotton balls, cotton pads, paper towels?
My favorite thing to use is wash cloths, because the rough texture works better than cotton, but then you have ugly stained washcloths!
*So for the price you spend on polish remover, plus a removal tool (ie cotton balls) you're really not spending much more for these pads.
*Remover Pads are acetone free! So they're great for sensitive skin and noses, children and old ladies!
*They do not burn if you have a cut or hangnail.
*They can be stored in your purse, your car, at the office, etc.
*They can travel in your luggage without worrying about the horror of it spilling. (Not that I ever travel!) They can also go on airplanes!
*They're good if you want/need to remove polish in a small/closed in area, because they actually smell good. (The ELF ones are citrus scented.)

Hold up.
LA COLORS has nail polish remover pads too now?!
Yup, they just released them! And since I LOVE these ELF ones (and my Target is 45 minutes away), I knew I HAD to find these in a store near me.
I checked Food Lion, Wal Greens, Two Dollar Generals, The Dollar Tree, and NO LUCK! :(
I finally went on the LA Colors facebook page and asked if anyone had seen these in stores, and about 2 weeks later, a nice girl replied and said she had seen them in Family Dollar.
So after work today, I went to Family Dollar in search of these puppies.
...And there they were, in all of their peach and melon scented glory.
I bought 6.
These pads are $1 and you get 32- that's double the ELF ones!
Plus, they come in 6 scents, although my FD only had 2.
And, they're slightly bigger than the ELF ones.

Goodbye Acetone, it was nice knowing you, but you smell badly, and dry out my poor nails. Since I change my polish every 3-4 days, I need these pads in my life!

Have you tried Nail Polish Remover pads before?
I think Hot Topic is selling some Vanilla cake flavored ones at the moment, but I don't have a Hot Topic nearby.


  1. Thanks for this post! I hate using nail polish remover! I think I'll go pick up the pads todayy!:)

  2. I was not interested in the ELF nail polish pads, but after read your review, they will be in my shopping cart next time I got to Target!!

  3. @TheAliWalker You're welcome! They take some getting used to, but they're easy once you get the hang of it.
    @Hee103 I wish my Target was closer! Have fun!


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