Monday, July 4, 2011

Fourth of July/Nautical/Pin up Manicure

Happy Fourth of July everyone!
I used 1 coat Nail Life Gripper basecoat (Purchased at Sally's for $5).
Then I used 3 coats of Mini Divas Nail Polish in Star (Purchased at The Dollar Tree for $1) as the base.
Next, I used L.A.Colors Color Craze in "12"-apparently these aren't named (Purchased at The Dollar Tree for $1) for the white diagonal stripe on the tip.
Then I used Wild and Crazy nail polish in "w370" My My My. I have no idea where this polish is from, my mom purchased it for me a few years ago. I used a toothpick to put polka dots in the white section, and to draw the anchor on my ring finger. I was unable to do the anchor on my right hand by myself. I had to recruit the boyfriend for that one!
All over the nail, I used Wet and Wild Wild Shine in Hallucinate.
I used multiple coats of Nail Life Speed Demon (Purchased at Sally's for $5) between the different colors so I didn't have to wait.
Enjoy some good food and fireworks!

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