Sunday, July 17, 2011

ELF Studio Single Eyeshadows

I recently picked up five ELF Studio Single Eyeshadows at my local Dollar Tree:
Mystic Moss, Buttercream, Coffee Bean, Amethyst, and Charcoal.
They also had Saddle and Sand Dollar, which I did not pick up.
These are all what I consider natural shades, and really are great for every day wear.

I picked up buttercream before the others and had used it a lot- that's why the packaging is dirty!
From top to bottom in above picture, and Left to Right in bottom picture: 
Butter cream, Mystic Moss, Coffee Bean, Charcoal, Amethyst.

My Opinion
Buttercream- This makes a great highlight for under brow bone. It has a really nice golden shimmer and is comparable to ELF Studio Blush in Gotta Glow, except it's a little bit more golden. It is pretty sheer, but very pretty. It can also be used as a face highlighter.

Mystic Moss- This one is most likely the one I will use the least. It's nice, but it's between gray and green and I don't love it. The pigmentation is great, but I wish the color was more green.

Coffee Bean- This one is the most shimmery of them all, it actually has some glitter in it. I really like this as a crease color, it's multi dimensional and pigmented. I wore it last night with Buttercream all over the lid, and Coffee Bean in the crease.

Charcoal- Either this one or Amethyst is my favorite. This is a semi matte dark gray- it is not black. This works good for a crease shade or a lower lash line shade.

Amethyst- This one is pretty unique in comparison to the others. It isn't quite metallic, but does have a subtle sheen to it. It's very multi dimensional and a really pretty plum color.

I doubt I will repurchase any of these again, because they're $3 on, and I only paid $1 for each of them. Besides, if I wanted a golden highlight, I would get Gotta Glow, because you get more product for the same price.  However, if you do not have many eyeshadows in your collection, this may be a good investment for you, because all the colors are very wearable.
Pebble is the only matte shade in the collection, and I hear that's is the perfect ashy brown color to fill in brows.


  1. I don't own any ELF products yet, but I've been reading mixed reviews about the quality of their products :s I'm tempted to buy an ELF haul next weekend when I get paid but I need more convincing...


  2. ELF Cosmetics is my absolute favorite brand of makeup.
    I use everything of theirs except for liquid foundation.
    I haven't tried theirs yet, but they only offer one type.
    The amazing thing about ELF is that you can find coupon codes online, and you can get products for free too.
    Their prices are a lot cheaper than drugstore makeup too- they have a $1 line of makeup with very good products. (All of the lipglosses are amazing!)
    The only thing I have to say negative, is that their online swatches aren't accurate- just google search the product you're looking for and type swatch at the end, you'll find plenty of pictures of the actual product.
    Also, they have a separate UK site.
    Their products are really comparable to Nars and Mac, but a fraction of the cost.
    I've won some free things from them, and I place orders all the time.
    It's really amazing stuff!
    Feel free to ask me about any product you want to buy- chances are I've tried it! :)


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