Monday, September 19, 2011

Top Coat Confusion!

I've been using Nail Life's Speed Demon Quick Drying Top Coat every time I paint my nails. It's finally getting down to the last bit in the bottle, and what's left got so thick I couldn't use it.
Also, I noticed after about 2 days of painting my nails, my polish peeled off in sheets.
So, I made myself use up the top coat, until I couldn't use it anymore!
I did some research and decided the next quick dry top coat I was going to try was INM's Out The Door.
But here's a little tip at how I came to this conclusion:

I wanted to buy Seche Vite. I really did. BUT since the main ingredient is TOULENE (ew!), which is known to cause cancer in the state of California- I'll pass!
I actually had a dream last night that they reformulated Seche Vite to be Toulene free- YEAH RIGHT!
My subconscious didn't even want me to use a nail polish with toulene in it!

So I came across this lovely blog post, which was SO INCREDIBLY helpful in helping my choose a top coat.

I headed to Sally's and had it narrowed down to China Glaze Fast Forward, and INM Out The Door.
OTD was on sale for $5, retails for $6, while FF was $6, so I picked up OTD this time.
Let's hope it works as well as I'm expecting it to!

Happy painting, everyone!

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  1. I'm so glad you wrote this-I bought Seche Vite not too long ago and have been loving it! I never read the ingredients though. That's so scary! I suppose I'll have to try out a different one then!

  2. @Sarah
    I've heard that the fda said small concentrations of toulene is okay, but it is known to cause birth defects. I'm pretty against it because it goes on a porous surface of your body, you'll inhale the fumes while you paint, and it sits on your nails and might go into your blood stream or something?
    It's just scary to me!
    But I've also heard that Seche Vite doesn't work properly with nail polishes that are the big 3 free- toulene, formaldehyde, and DBP.
    Most polishes manufactured now are 3 free for health concerns, so seche vite isn't worth it to me.
    It sucks though 'cause I really wanted to use it!

  3. Well I did not know any of that, so thank you for the information! I used it maybe 4 times so I hope I don't get sick! It sucks though because it did work super well. It made my nail polish dry instantly! But oh well, it's not worth getting cancer over! How is the INM Out the Door top coat working out for you??

  4. @Sarah
    I like the OTD so far! At first I was sort of iffy about it because it kept leaving brush streaks in my polish.
    The formula is really thin, it's not thick like most quick drying top coats are.
    I read that it can make your polish peel if you apply it thickly, so I was trying to put just a small amount on each nail, but since the formula is so thin, it was streaking my polish underneath.
    So I tried it with a thicker amount on the brush and it worked fine.
    I don't know how the wear time is yet though.
    The bottle wasn't that big, so if I hate it, I'm going to buy China Glaze Fast Forward next, but if I love it, I'll probably buy the large bottle of the Out the door.

  5. @Emily Okay thanks! I will have to head over to Sally's this week and take a look at them. I noticed with the Seche Vite that if you used too much of it your nail polish would just completely peel off. I've had that happen with Sally Hanson Base & Top coat too which is so annoying!

  6. Haha, that's cute how you dreamt about polish! :D


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