Monday, September 26, 2011

Frankenpolish + Crackle Polish

I've tried to make nail polish with eyeshadow multiple times before, but it always ends up clumpy!
I know, I know, the solution to that is to add polish thinner, but I don't own any! lol

After not trying this for awhile, I decided to give it a try again.
I used an eyeshadow palette by Profusion that I got from Ross for around $6 that I never use.
They're all shimmery shades, and there are some beautiful shades, but the eyeshadow really stinks! lol I just don't like it, and the the colors are sort of hard to blend.

So I scraped some powder loose and mixed it with clear polish and stirred, and here's what I got:

This is the franken polish next to the original eyeshadow. You can see the purple duochrome from the eyeshadow actually translated onto the nails- I was excited for that!
But, it was pretty clumpy.

Here's a better picture of the nails, and all their clumpy glory!
Apparently this color is very similar to an Orly polish and, it's almost identical to the new breast cancer OPI Pink Shatter.

So after having this on my nails, I picked up a gold crackle polish by Color Club at Rue 21 for $4. I threw it over my pink nails, and this is how it looked:
The Color Club crackle was very hard to work with, as it all clumped up in the top of the bottle as I was trying to use it, but it did have good results. I saw online that Color Club's gold crackle actually has a name- "Tattered in Gold," but my bottle is unnamed. (Because it's from Rue21?)

So then I tried to franken a second polish, with the same palette.
Since I Had such a clumpy mess the first time, I tried adding some nail polish remover to my franken to thin it out, but that just made the polish dry really weird- and it was still clumpy.
So, I just threw the gold crackle(shatter? whichever.) over it!

Have you tried making your own polishes before?
The palette I have is pretty large, so maybe I'll finally get some polish thinner so I can try out all the pretty colors on my nails, that don't work so well on my eyes.

-It has been raining here for the past 4 or 5 days, and it's not supposed to stop for another 3 or so days. So gloomy!
-Starting this week, I have to get up for work 3 times a week at 5:30 am. It's like school all over again, but hey! that's life!

Happy polishing!


  1. !!!!! that's AWESOME! I haven't tried to franken anything before but didn't realize that you could actually use eye shadow?! oh boy, I've got a bunch of extra bottles of clear polish from those package dealies and tons of old dead eyeshadow... THANK YOU! Hope the rain stops for you soon -- totally feel ya, it's doing the same thing over here and I'm done with it!

  2. Thanks Nail Nerd! I love your blog! :)
    apparently the trick to successfully franken with eyeshadow
    is to use polish thinner! Can't wait to see what you come up
    with! I mixed mine in a tiny plastic cup, a tattoo ink cup actually lol instead of in a bottle.

  3. I've tried frankening with eyeshadow before and it turned out pretty smooth. What I did was I scraped the eyeshadow on to a piece of glossy paper (I was worried that the shadow would stick to regular paper so I used a page from a magazine). With my cuticle pusher/nail cleaner thing I crushed up the shadow until it was very fine. Then I made a mini funnel and poured the powder in. It's really helpful if you have one of those mixing balls in the bottle too. I think they're called ball bearings. I just used one from an old bottle of polish. After that you just have to shake and mix well. If your powder appears to sink to the bottom, I would add a couple of drops of a regular glitter polish to see if it helps the glitter "float" better.


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