Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Comparison: ELF Studio Blush in Gotta Glow vs. ELF Studio Single Eyeshadow in Buttercream

These two products from ELF are very similar. They both retail for $3 from Eyeslipsface.com.
The blush is a lot larger in size, but the packaging is otherwise the same.
But how do they compare?
Well, I'll start out by saying this is the second Gotta Glow that I have owned. I feel like the first one was more of a very pale golden color with gold shimmer, while the second one's base color is more white than the first one.

Gotta glow is a whitish gold with gold shimmer. Buttercream is a pale gold with gold shimmer.
I like to use these both on my browbone and/or as a cheek highlight.
I used to use Gotta Glow every day, but since the second one I purchased wasn't as beautiful as the first one-(Did I get a bad one or did the formula change?), I've been using other products I own for highlighters. 
I definitely reach for Buttercream more often. I apply it with the ELF Studio contour blush under my brow bone. This is my favorite brow bone eyeshadow shade that I own. It just works very well with my skin tone, and it works with every eyeshadow shade.
For the price though, since you get more product, Gotta Glow is the better buy. I prefer Buttercream though because it is just more of a golden glow when applied.

Without flash: Gotta Glow on left, Buttercream on right.
You can see the base colors very well here. Gotta Glow is a very pale gold, where Buttercream is a warmer gold. Therefore, Gotta Glow might be best for cool skintones, whereas Buttercream might be best for warm skintones. Ultimately though, one product was meant for eyes whereas the other was meant for cheeks, but they are both versatile products.

With flash: GG on left, BC on right.
See how similar? Yet Buttercream still comes off slightly more golden than GG. 
(Ignore my feetsies in the pic!)

Buttercream on left, Gotta Glow on right.

 Buttercream on top, Gotta Glow on Left.

Do you own either of these? Which one would you buy?
I love Buttercream because it's so small and compact, it's easy to travel with. I use it quite often, as it's interchangeable with any lid and crease color.

(Side note: I purchased Gotta Glow on Eyeslipsface.com, but I SCORED Buttercream at a Dollar Tree while out of town a few months ago for $1-they now have them at my local Dollar Tree, so scope yours out for it, as it retails for $3!)

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  1. i love this blush!!is very illuminating



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