Thursday, April 14, 2011

ELF Hall: Eyes

The essentials line is the $1 line from ELF. The minerals line is sort of the "medium" line, and the studio line is the highest in price.
All items can be purchased at

Essentials Brightening Eye Color- $1/each
Rocker, Drama, Teal Dream (purchased by myself)
Butternut (was a free gift from ELF for providing 3 email addresses with an order)

These are great for $1! I actually purchased "Drama" at my local K-Mart.
These products are very pigmented and last all day without creasing.
The downside to these are the packaging is sort of messy. However, there is a small mirror in each eye shadow quad! They each come with a basic eyeshadow applicator, which I find actually blends quite well.

Rocker has a glittery white, a shimmer taupe, a matte purple, and and a chunky glittery black.

Drama (my favorite!) has a shimmer white, a thick chunky 
glitter dark gray (my favorite shade), a glittery black, and a chunky glitter silver.

Teal Dream has a fine glittery white, a shimmer smokey taupe, a metallic light denim blue, and a metallic jade-emerald green.

Butternut- all shimmer shades: light beige, peachy beige, dark brown and a great metallic bronzy brown

Essentials Duo Eyeshadow Cream-$1/each
I've seen many YouTube videos where people used this as a base for a smokey eye to make the colors pop more.  I usually don't use cream eyeshadow, but I purchased it for this reason.
I hate to say this, but it creased. Which reminds me why I never use cream eyeshadow in the first place. I do have to say that it was gorgeous before I put powder eyeshadow on top. The colors blended very well and are very pigmented. So, I probably won't use this on days I need my eyeshadow to stay in place for a very long time.
Black Licorice- The colors are a creamy black and a creamy dark silver.

Essentials Waterproof Eyeliner Pen-$1/each
I prefer eyeliner pens over any other type of liquid eyeliner, so I was excited that these were only $1/each. I purchased 3, and all 3 had a different type of applicator tip, as in they weren't all the same- still effective though. In order to get the darkness you may want, you may have to go over your lines twice though.
Black- this wasn't anything amazing, it was exactly what I expected- a black, felt tip eyeliner pen. I haven't tested the "waterproof" aspect of any of these yet.

Coffee- a dark brown felt tip eyeliner pen.

Plum- a dark purple felt tip eyeliner pen. I wish this one was a little bit lighter purple.

Essentials Liquid Eyeliner-$1/each
I usually prefer felt tip eyeliner, but I have a friend who swears this liquid eyeliner in black is the best liquid eyeliner she's ever used.
Copper- This is a clear base with chunky copper glitter. I was expecting the base to have color, but it doesn't. I layer this over a colored eyeliner. It's a nice way to add chunky glitter to your eyes without over doing it.

Silver- This isn't a clear base-it is actually silver. I have not tried this on my top lids yet, but it was a disaster on the bottom lids. However, it looked great on my hand, so I'm sure it will do well on my top lids. There isn't glitter in this one, it's more like a metallic shimmer.

Studio Eyebrow Kit-$3
(I paid $1.50 for this with a studio coupon online)
HOLY GRAIL for my eyebrows. How did I not live with this before? I went through a stage where I plucked off a lot of my eyebrows because I wanted this brows. I didn't know they were going to be so sparse all the time. I used to use black eyeshadow to fill in my brows-I have black eyebrows- but, it looked way too harsh, as well as pencil. 
Dark- I was scared this wasn't going to be dark enough, but although it looks brown, it works for my black eyebrows. The gel side goes on very smoothly to darken your brows, while the powder side sets them so it last all day long. This may be my favorite ELF product.

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