Saturday, February 25, 2012

Time flies.

I haven't posted in like 3+ weeks! 
I have been doing some awesome nail stamping mani's and I've been buying a lot of new things lately- some good, some not so good.
I started a second job, and have only been getting one day off a week, and then my internet got disconnected, so things have just been crazy!
I hope to get internet back next week, and start blogging again!
I am LOVING Loreal True Match liquid foundation right now! I have never tried it before, and it was on clearance at Dollar General for $2.70!! My Dollar General had so many things on clearance- like all Loreal products were 70% off! And Target has had SO much on clearance too! I got the Physician's Formula Shimmer Strips Gel Liner Stack for Blue Eyes for $2.80!
Since these were on the CVS December 75% off sale, I know these amazing babies are getting discontinued. :( SO SAD. I know PF has already came out with the new kajal eyeliner pencils and then the trios, but I LOVE those gel liner stacks! I hope the reintroduce them sometime soon!
Sorry I have no pictures or nothing new to show you, but I will be back soon, I promise! I really miss blogging, but I have been so busy!
I'm at a Bojangles restaurant right now snagging their wifi. (Only in the South East I think?) 
Trying new products and missing blogging,

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