Saturday, June 11, 2011

Product Rave: LA Colors MyStic Foundation/Concealer Stick in Beige

I picked this up at Dollar General for $1 after my favorite concealer got discontinued.
I always used a Maybelline concealer cream that came in a squeeze tube- I had multiple backups, and only used a small amount at once, so I actually continued using the product a few years after it was discontinued.
On the hunt for a new concealer, I just happened to pick this up. I used a concealer stick in the past and really liked it, but since I tend to have dry skin, I was more happy with the liquid/cream concealer from Maybelline.
I actually used this for about a month or two and then somehow forgot that I had it.  I watched a few youtube videos and read some blogs about people's opinions on best drugstore concealer. After hearing many people love Hard Candy's Heavy Duty Glamoflauge Concealer- I went to Wal Mart and picked it up right away, because it was so similar to the discontinued Maybelline concealer. I used it for a few months and really liked it. But I started to notice that after a few hours it disappeared, even if I set it with a powder.  I also started to notice I could visibly see the color patches it left if I didn't blend it well enough.
I came across my L.A. Colors MyStic and decided to give it a try again.
Since it's summertime now, this actually withstands sweating, and lasts all day. I couldn't believe I stopped using this! And for the price, it really can't be beat.

I think the coverage is one the best I've ever seen in concealers. Since it's labeled as a "foundation/concealer stick" I think the coverage is intended to be more than that a regular concealer, since it can be doubled as a foundation.
I would not recommend this as a foundation though because it is very thick and would be very hard to blend all over the face.

I recently purchased an All Over Cover Stick from, in hopes that it will compare to the MyStic. As a very small package, it can easily be kept in my purse for touch ups.

The Make Up Alley reviews for this, are all very good, it gets a 4.2 out of 5.  Who would think L.A. Colors would deliver such a good product? I've had used a few of their products in that past and was very disappointed. This can be found at Dollar General, some Dollar Trees,, and I've even seen it in a Food Lion grocery store before.
I use my ring finger to swirl some product on the pad of my finger, warming it up, to make is spread more easily. Then apply with my finger and blend. I do set this with a powder, (Palladio Rice Powder in Translucent) but you don't have to.
As of right now, this is my Holy Grail concealer. Love it!
Hope you can find it in a store near you!

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